Hollywood Husky #28 – Geronimo

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Geronimo has been officially adopted by Andrew B. and in Valley Village, CA.

Meet GERONIMO!! This gorgeous guy is a super friendly male Husky, about 4-5 years old. He is a medium size dog, he’s not too big. He has the classic Husky eyes, one brown and one blue. His back story is that his original owner dumped him on an elderly relative who was unable to care for him — she was so frail she couldn’t even walk down the front steps of her house, so she fed Geronimo by throwing pieces of hot dog out the window and held out a cup of water for him to drink from. He was not being properly cared for and the tips of his ears got bitten badly by fleas and flies. Animal control confiscated him from the elderly woman who couldn’t look after him and then he was eventually rescued by Hollywood Huskies. He’s neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. He’s great with all people including kids and good with other dogs too! Geronimo requires a feline-free home. He is a good jumper and has almost cleared a 5 ft fence so needs a 6 ft fence or else he requires supervision while outside. He’s just started obedience training and is already excelling!! He’s super smart and sweet and he will make a great companion!!