Hollywood Huskies #37 & 38 – Kami & King

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King and Kami are a stunning male and female bonded pair of shepherd mixes. They are super sweet and friendly and good with kids. Kami the female is only a year old and King the male is about 4-5. Unfortunately their previous irresponsible owner separated these parents from a litter of puppies when the pups were only 2 weeks old (none of the pups survived) and then the owner abandoned the parents on death row at a shelter where they were almost euthanized due to over crowding and Hollywood Huskies rescued them on their last day. After losing their litter of puppies because, King and Kami are especially close to each other and need each other so we are adopting them only together as a bonded pair.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are interested in adopting an available dog, please email hollywoodhuskiesrescue@gmail.com