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Please note that this is a mailing address only. Our dogs are kept with trainers or in temporary boarding until they are adopted, so the physical location of each dog varies.



Thank you for contacting Hollywood Huskies.

If you are contacting us to take in a husky, we regret we are not able to take in any more huskies at this time. Exception: We always take back dogs we adopted out, so if you need to return a dog adopted directly from Hollywood Huskies, please email us with “HH Return” in the subject line. Everyday we get so many emails to take in huskies we are unfortunately unable to respond to every message individually. Also, please note we do not have a facility or shelter, we rely exclusively on foster homes and right now all of our foster homes are full with a long waitlist. If you found a husky, or if you need to rehome your husky, please read below for our recommendations on what to do during this crisis time when there are huskies being abandoned on a daily basis.

If you are reaching out about a husky you found, we recommend checking for a microchip at your local vet, posting on Next Door in your neighborhood, and posting on Lost and Found Pet Facebook pages in your neighborhood. Sadly, many huskies are being abandoned, and if the husky you found does not have an owner or home, finding a home individually will likely be more feasible than finding a rescue with available space. We can recommend trainer resources if you need help trying to integrate the husky into your home (email us again with “TRAINER HELP” in the subject line). If the husky has no home, and you are unable to keep the husky yourself, our best recommendation is to reach out to family and friends, to post on Nextdoor in your neighborhood, and to put fliers at vets and pet stores in your area.

If you are reaching out to rehome your own husky, please know that the shelters and rescues are currently inundated with huskies and husky mixes at a crisis-level situation. Most rescues are full, and many shelters are sadly having to euthanize huskies on a regular basis to make room for the new ones coming in. Given the current crisis situation, our best recommendation is to reach out to family and friends, to post on Nextdoor in your neighborhood (and have your friends and family do the same in their neighborhoods) to spread the word. See below if your husky is having behavioral issues, or if you are concerned about not having enough time for your husky.

If your husky is having behavioral issues, we can recommend trainers who specialize in huskies who can help. Many trainers do not have enough husky-specific experience to address problems in this breed, so if you have tried trainers unsuccessfully in the past, it may be a trainer issue rather than that your husky cannot be helped. Please email us again, with “TRAINER HELP” in the subject line and we will forward training resources. 

If you are concerned about not having enough time for your husky, please know that providing them a home, even if not ideal, is better than them being put down at an overcrowded shelter. Consider getting assistance to exercise them, even intermittently, with the help of a dog walker if finances are available, or with the help of family, friends, or neighbors.

We will respond to other emails as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Heather Schmidt
Executive Director, Hollywood Huskies

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