Beneath the glittery glamour of Hollywood lies a dark tragedy. Every month, thousands of animals are euthanized in the shelters of the greater Los Angeles area, including many adoptable beautiful huskies who simply did not get a home before their death “due date.”

Our mission is to save and find permanent homes for Siberian huskies, husky mixes, and occasional “honorary huskies” (other breeds whose fate led them to be rescued by us). We are focused on rescuing dogs in the greater Los Angeles area who are on death row in shelters, abandoned, abused, and/or owner relinquished. Every dog will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. When necessary, we will provide medical treatment, and we also rehabilitate dogs with anxiety, socialization or behavior issues by sending them to an expert trainer prior to putting them up for adoption.

Some of our rescued dogs will be available for adoption only in Southern California. Others will be transported to homes in Canada through our Canadian partners, where the huskies will have increased opportunities for adoption and where they will love the colder weather!

We are also committed to helping Canadian dogs through the Alberta not-for-profit rescue Halo Husky Haven.

We also intend to offer husky-savvy education and resources to present and future husky owners, so that they can fully understand the specifics of this breed and have the best possible relationship.

Our belief is that every homeless husky deserves to be a star in a loving forever home!