Meet Carl!

Carl is an amazing 2-year old husky. He is sweet and great with people and other dogs. When he first arrived at the shelter, he needed entropion surgery for both eyes (a painful condition where the eyelids fold inwards and the eyelashes rub on the cornea constantly). He’s now had successful surgery and is recovering beautifully. His vision is fine and once the fur around his eyes grows back, he’ll look even more beautiful than before! Even through all the pain and surgery, he always remained loving and joyful. Now that he’s better, he’d love to find a forever home where he can share his love! He’s neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to go!

To request an adoption meeting the first step is to fill out our adoption application action. THIS DOG IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION IN LEESBURG, VIRGINIA. Hollywood Huskies rescue is a nonprofit 501c3 based in Los Angeles, however, some of our dogs are available in Virginia. There is a huge husky crisis in Los Angeles with literally hundreds of huskies ending up on death row at the local shelters because of overpopulation, largely due to illegal backyard breeding and a demand for wolf-like dogs because of the popularity of wolves in Game of Thrones and the Twilight movies. In hopes of getting more huskies into homes, we transport some of our rescued huskies to Virginia each month.

If you’re interested in adopting, please:
A) email with the name of the specific dog in the subject to request an adoption form by email 
B) download the adoption form directly from our website at and email it back to us ASAP.

Thank you for your interest in adopting!